Travel Shield

Travelling overseas is basically stepping into an unknown foreign land where anything could happen. Why should you never travel without travel protection? Because medical emergencies away from home can leave you stranded without access to adequate medical care/facilities, and without travel protection, an emergency evacuation can be costly! Just imagine, you are about to experience a nightmare of being seriously ill or injured during your holiday in a foreign country, the last you’d want is to not have the support or financial means to get treated and/or flown home. 

With Travel Shield, you can have coverage for up to four people!

Here’s a brief summary of the benefits you’ll get with QVI’s Membership with Travel Shield combo:

1. Two (2) years of QVI Travel Shield Membership

2. Virtual Membership & Mastercard® Cash Card

3. Full travel benefits (which cover accidents, injuries, and hospital visits)

4. Emergency evacuation services

5. Trip cancellation and curtailment 

6. Coverage up to four people!

More in-depth details here:

Benefit Summary

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